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3D Honor Among Enemies
3D Honor Among Enemies 3D Honor Among Enemies
"Depth-view" prints are created using a special technique that displays the scene in glorious 3D. Each work of art is created entirely by artist David Mattingly, and the multiplaned image is hand interlaced and sealed with a dimensional lenticular screen. David has mastered the process by which multiple versions of a scene are created and digitally cut into tiny strips. The special screen is then laid over the artwork and aligned to within 1/100th of an inch. The screen presents different versions of the scene to your right and left eyes - which is how you see in real life. This stereoscopic presentation gives the illusion of full three-dimensional space. Because each print is personally created by David, no two depth-view prints will be exactly the same.

The prints come in two sizes: The deluxe extra large edition is12.25 inches wide by 18.25 inches high, signed and number in silver ink in a limited edition of 50. Each print comes matted, ready for framing for $150.

A smaller 8 by 10 inch edition comes framed and ready for hanging, signed but not numbered in silver ink, for $50.

$10 wll be added for postage and handling on each complete order. Payment is available though Paypal.