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2nd Rights
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is davidmattingly.com?
A. As you might suspect, it is a web site that features the work of illustrator David B. Mattingly. The 2nd rights section allows you to purchase 2nd rights on illustrations David has done during his 25-year career as an illustrator.

Q. What exactly are second rights?
A. An illustrator many times retains the right to re-sell an image after its initial usage. Since no new work is done, the price of a 2nd rights piece is much lower than commissioning a new illustration. The fee for use of an illustration is calculated from several factors including how it will be used, print run, image size, duration of use and geographic distribution.

Q. When I purchase rights to an illustration, how will it be delivered to me?
A. Once payment is received, the digital file will either be mailed to you on a CD, or as a .jpg file sent over the Internet.

Q. I don't see anything that is exactly what I need. Can illustrations be revised?
A. Illustrations can be reworked to suit your particular needs at an additional fee. Also, you can commission an entirely new illustration from David, but at many times the cost of buying 2nd rights on an existing illustration.

Q. There are some illustrations that David Mattingly did that are not in the 2nd rights section--what happened to them?
A. Some art is done as "work for hire," or there is an agreement with the publisher not to re-sell the work for a specified period of time. That is why none of the "Animorphs" illustrations, or work done on the "Star Wars" series, are available for 2nd rights.

Q. How can I contact David Mattingly?
A. You can e-mail David at david@davidmattingly.com, or call at 201-659-7404.

Q. Can I purchase a royalty-free image on davidmattingly.com?
A. No.

Q. How do you protect the privacy of the information I submit?
A. We never sell, re-use, or give out any information provided to us by users of davidmattingly.com. Never.

Q. What version of Web browser should I be using to look at this site?
A. We recommend using Netscape 6.0.2 or higher, Internet Explorer 5.x or higher, AOL 5.x or higher. We encourage users to use the latest released (not beta) version of their favorite browser.

Q. What do the buttons underneath each image on the results page mean?
A. The dollar sign takes you to a page where you can obtain a price quote for the image.
Clicking on the magnifying glass will display a larger version of the image.
The lightbox adds the image to your lightbox.

Q. What is with the white border and huge boxed signature on the pictures? Will that be on the final file I purchase?
A. The white border and boxed signature are for copyright protection, and to make it easier to spot when someone has lifted "comps" from davidmattingly.com. All illustrations are painted edge-to-edge, and have a regular signature on them.