Master Certified Graphoanalyst and Certified Questioned Document Examiner

Phyllis Mattingly - Lecturer, Teacher, Consultant, Columnist, T.V. Personality, Motivational Speaker, Expert Witness, Author

Phyllis Mattingly is a graduate of the University of Chicago in languages, Phi Beta Kappa. She has two Masters, one in Industrial Management and the second in Graphoanalysis. She was chosen as Graphoanalyst of the Year in 1981 for the State of Colorado and was chosen again in 1984 for Southern California. In 1986, she was honored as International Graphoanalyst of the Year.

Her practice took her to the Los Angeles area where she taught and lectured. Her sense of humor and obvious command of her subject make her a sought after motivational speaker. She is a member of the International Graphoanalysis Society, Colorado Graphoanalysis Society, Southern California Graphoanalysts, the National Association of Document Examiners, the World Association of Document Examiners and the International Platform Speakers Association, for whom she has served as a Judge.

Phyllis has recently completed her first book, entitled "No Vaseline on My Teeth", which chronicles her remarkable life and times. The book is offered for sale from this web site.









Handwriting analysis (Graphoanalysis) is a scientific, clinically validated means for individuals and businesses to find a deeper insight into human nature, with an eye to better utilize a person's potential for integrity and success. Graphoanalysis is also the study of stroke, slant and depth, revealing a person's unique character traits. It is an emotional and mental X-ray to one trained in the discipline and art of evaluating handwriting strokes. Graphoanalysis has been pragmatically and clinically validated and researched for over 60 years.

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Personality and Character brought into focus, for a particular job or relationship, through Graphoanalysis, to achieve a happier, more productive life.









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Ms. Mattingly's Mail Bag

"You are an inspiration ... your program was just what we needed..." M.B., Woodward Governor

"...a delightful and interesting program…loved every minute of your presentation and benefited from it in so many ways.' F.S.L., Camp Fire Leaders

"...marvelous program ... our staff said it was the most inspiring and helpful program we have ever offered...' PG., Director of Nursing Bonnell Good Samaritan Center

"..your talk was terrific ... it did so much for my students' self esteem ... I'll probably never know the true and lasting impact of your personality and philosophy." W.P, Career Counselor Poudre R-1 School District

"...Informative, humorous and enlightening...I only wish we could have you as our speaker every year.' J.L., Director of Public Relations AG Land Coop

"Phyllis has educated, excited and entertained many of our diverse groups, both in motivation and in analysts presentations...she is dynamic.." R.L.M., Northrop Aircraft Corp.

"Your classes have been some of the most popular we have ever presented ... everyone in your class seems to glow with self-esteem from your efforts." P.S.D., Aims Community College "...words won't adequately express our thanks Your program was wonderful ... it is rare that a speaker can enthrall our members as you did...' J.E, Malibu Senior Citizen Club









Suspect Document Examination

"...I am reluctant to take a case involving handwriting if Phyllis won't defend my position ... she is efficient, thorough and professional..."

R.G., Attorney at Law Los Angeles, California

In the examination of Questioned Documents, Handwriting Analysis is used to detect forgeries and alterations of handwriting for some devious purpose. The discipline of handwriting scrutiny involves years of training, and experience in court. Phyllis Mattingly is a recognized authority in this field. Phyllis is a past officer of the National Association of Document Examiners, a member of the World Association of Document Examiners, and the National Forensic Society. Ms. Mattingly, as an expert witness, has handled numerous cases where a person's honor, resources and even their life, depended on her findings. Her work in the field of Document Examination has provided solid answers and credible court testimony for lawyers all over the world.

"...efficient and concise ... thoroughly schooled in her trade ... I recommend Phyllis for any kind of forgery or fraud case involving handwriting."

D.W.E, Attorney at Law Pueblo, Colorado









Phyllis G. Mattingly - Awards & Distinctions

Master Certified Graphoanalyst

Questioned Document Examiner

Distinguished Certified Document Examiner of 1992

1988 Who's Who of the World's Professional Women

1986-87 International Graphoanalyst of the Year

1986 Who's Who of American Women

1984 Graphoanalyst of the Year Southern California

1981 Graphoanalyst of the Year Colorado